Critical Infrastructure Investments




     In the Sustainable Energy Arena, Critical Infrastructure Investment (CII) will consider being a          

     Syndicate member on (Inter)National Projects meeting CII Project Investment Guidelines with 

     Companies who have received funding from one/more of the US Department of Energy’s ARPA-E 

     (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy):  

         Interested Investors may request the Critical Infrastructure Investment Inc Offering Memorandum. All 

         investment decisions shall be made only per the rules & regulations governing the Offering Memorandum. 

Critical Infrastructure Investment values long-term relationships with public- and private-sector entities interested in structuring, financing, and operating substantive projects.  It invests significant upfront management time, expertise and funds in the project due diligence process, and in return it charges a one-time $ 5,000 retainer or partnership fee for its services, which entitles the CII portfolio company a seat on the CII Board of Directors. The Partnership/Retainer Agreement serves to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff, eliminating any party uncommitted to a serious business relationship.  Experience indicates that in Year 1 of working with a new prospective portfolio company management team, Critical Infrastructure Investment must devote hundreds of hours to guide the investment project successfully through its Project Investment Guidelines process. 

Entities interested in working with Critical Infrastructure Investment can select from two agreement options, ie Industrial Sector Partnership Agreement (non-profit entities) or Investment Services Retainer Agreement (for-profit)   

The Partnership/Retainer Agreement Value Proposition includes: 


Upon execution of an agreement, Critical Infrastructure Investment will initiate a rigorous due diligence process to attempt to raise, as quickly as practicable, the prospective portfolio company’s draft business plan to investment-grade level:

Critical Infrastructure Investment is designing an annual North America Smart Critical Infrastructure Conference (slated to launch in Fall 2023), through which sector thought leaders can present new technology and application concepts and financing strategies. The conference capstone will be an awards ceremony honoring significant achievements by investors, entrepreneurs, research institutions, private sector firms, media advocates, non-profits, and legislators and policymakers at all levels of government. 

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