Global Perspective

  1. Strategic Competition with China

  2. As a USA based infrastructure investment company with global project interests, CII principals have studied the extraordinary growth of the Chinese economy, government, and companies (state owned and private), and their increasing global ambitions.
    CII intends to assist its Portfolio Companies and select other stakeholders with strategic competitive intelligence to pro-actively compete with any Chinese firm wherever required to safeguard the CII mission and values
    To that end CII continues to expand on 3 ongoing areas of analysis:

    • Dynamic Threat Risk Rating of each Chinese Fortune 500/Global 1000 Company and their Tier I/II Supplier Base, based on 60 political, economic and technological risk categories, with special focus on the “Made in China 2025” Fourth Industrial Revolution technology areas:

      1. Aerospace & Defense

      2. Information & Communications Systems

      3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

      4. Cyber Security

      5. Smart Infrastructure

      6. Autonomous Systems

      7. Energy Generation & Storage

      8. Advanced Materials, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Logistics

      9. Food & Agriculture Systems

      10. Minerals & Mining Systems

    • Strategic Competitive Analysis of the Chinese Government Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) plans for infrastructure development in 152 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas; and resulting Threats and Opportunities for USA/European Union participation therein

    • Strategic Competitive Analysis of US Fortune 500 Company Global Competitive Strategy Options, through: Multi-dimensional Scenario Planning and Monte Carlo Simulations (n-factorial x n-factorial risk matrices), Non-Linear Systems Optimization and Red Teaming Vulnerability Analysis

  3. Economic Development and Smart Infrastructure Industrial Park Development
    CII has developed a scalable and easily customizable economic development model involving the development ofindustrial parks.
    CII offers 3 layers of Sustainable Industrial Park Development Modalities:

    • 500 Hectare/1000 Acre+ (Inter)National Development Zones (10-20 Years) focused on 1 Critical Infrastructure Sector

    • 25-50 Acre County/Province Smart Infrastructure Parks (5-10 Years) focused on a subset of synergistic Subsectors within 1 Critical Infrastructure Sector

    • 2-5 Acre Local Micro Industrial Parks (2-5 Years) focused on 1-2 Subsectors within 1 Critical Infrastructure Sector and co-located near a Junior/Community College and/or High School Complex

  4. Each industrial park optimizes for social entrepreneurship, local job creation and community empowerment, and incorporates the most advanced Fourth Industrial Revolution “Exponential Technologies”, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Sensor Networks, Autonomous Systems, Cyber Secure Information Technology & Operational Technology Networks, Computational Biology, etc.