Intern and Fellows

Throughout North America, the European Union and Central-East Africa, CII has immediate openings for College Interns in the following areas of study:

  • Law

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Agriculture

  • Engineering

  • Physical Sciences

  • Biological Sciences

  • Business

  • Economics

  • Finance

  • International Studies

Interns typically spend 10-20 hours per week working on mutually agreed projects and building relationships with a core constituency, such as academic/research organizations,private firms, government agencies, investment firms, NGO/nonprofits, media etc.

Note: hyperlink here to the MS Word version of the CII Internship Executive Memorandum

Graduate School and Post Doc Students may be eligible for the CII Fellows Program providing more advanced programmatic involvement in CII projects.

  1. Read the CII Intrapreneurship Academy Executive Memorandum

  2. CII Internship 1 University Campus Coordinator

  3. CII Internship 2 NGO Outreach Coordinator

  4. CII Internship 3 Finance Investment Firm Outreach Coordinator

  5. CII Internship 4 United Nations Multilateral Agency Outreach Coordinator

  6. CII Internship 5 Goverment Policy Maker Outreach Coordinator

  7. CII Internship 6 Media Outreach Coordinator

  8. CII Internship 7 Global 1000 Company Supply Chain Outreach Coordinator

  9. CII Internship 8 Agriculture Agroprocessing Companies Outreach Coordinator

  10. CII Internship 9 Water Wastewater Companies Outreach Coordinator

  11. CII Internship 10 Energy Companies Outreach Coordinator

  12. CII Internship 11 Research Educational Institutions Outreach Coordinator

  13. CII Internship Exec Memo Dely