Alex Dely


Alex Dely

Alex Dely was born in Ghent/Belgium in 1957 to a family deeply involved in economic and social development and education in Europe and Central Africa since the 1870’s.

He emigrated to USA in 1976 and was educated in physics, law and entrepreneurship at Illinois State University, University of Chicago and University of Arizona (where he serves as Adjunct Faculty in the College of Engineering).

In 1983 he founded a social enterprise venture capital form which structured dozens of 50-50 jointly owned technology companies in 30+ countries on 4 continents in the energy, infrastructure and high technology sectors, until its sale in 2008.

Alex has been a senior manager at a Fortune 100 Corporation in the aerospace and defense sector focused on advanced technology maturation for the USA government. Through CII the Dely Family Trust seeks to bring sustainable social entrepreneurship and advanced technology to bear on the global food-water-energy-mining nexus and exponential human infrastructure growth

Phone: (+1) 520-444-9225