Patient Kalembe



Patient Kalembe, a Congolese national from Bukavu, is married and has two children.

He is currently a shareholder and has been appointed General Manager of Congo Agriculture and Technologies (CAT KIVU SARL), former national rapporteur for the Assembly of Ecosystem-based Adaptation for Food Security. Designer of the business plan and presenter of the project "Production and commercialization of hens from an artificial incubator", project he presented as a speaker at the international conference organized by Connexus. Inc. in Kigali, sponsored by several international organizations such as USAID.

He has relevant experience in rural entrepreneurship, business valuation and rural investment consulting. He successfully undertook soap manufacturing through his company Soap Kivu and Bakery as a manager after a successful career as a former Action Contre la Faim USA agent in the food security and livelihood program and as a lecturer in Agricultural Production Theory (APT) and Agricultural Accounting at the Faculty of Agronomy of the Université Libre des Pays de Grands Lacs, where he started his teaching career. obtained his bachelor's degree in economics with a specialization in rural economics at the Evangelical University of Africa (UEA) where he successfully organized conferences with students of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Agronomy.

Within the framework of professional reintegration, Patient Kalembe is a consultant specializing in the training of young people in trades (bakery, soap making) with various international NGOs operating in the DRC where he has succeeded in producing training materials according to the trades. In his free time, Patient enjoys traveling, meeting new people and playing sports.