Terry Finefronk

President of CII

Terry Finefronk

Before joining CII as President, Terry spent 3 decades developing and managing manufacturing plants for General Electric, Chrysler, Honeywell and other Fortune 500 firms throughout North America and Northern Mexico before joining Pima County Government, Tucson, AZ, as their Chief Contracts & Procurement Manager where he was responsible for structuring and financing several first of their kind renewable energy projects.

Terry was also responsible for applying Six Sigma/DMAIC business process mapping, organizational restructuring, and performance metrics that resulted in Pima County being ranked in the top ten (10) percent of North American Public Procurement Agencies by the National Institute of Government Procurement (NIGP)

Phone: (+1) 520-444-9225

Email: Tfinefrock@criticalinfrastructureinvestments.com