Revenue sources and financial statements

CII intends to generate $ 100 Million in yearly operating revenue by end of 2023, from sources including but not limited to:

  1. 8% Incentive/Profit Share and 2% Administrative Fee from the CII Investment Fund

  2. Government and Private Sector Contracts and

  3. Technology License Fees & Royalties

  4. Commodity Exchange Fees & Royalties

  5. Land and Real Estate Rents & Fees

  6. Training Course Fees

  7. Product & Services Sales

  8. Performance Contracts Shared Savings

  9. Value Added Reseller Agreements

  10. Joint Venture Agreements

  11. Block Chain De-intermediation

  12. Dynamic Pricing/Arbitrage

The following CII Financial Statements are available on a confidential basis to the Portfolio Companies Management upon request:

  • CII Yearly Cashflow and Profit-Loss Budget

  • CII Asset-Liability Statement and Forecast (2021-2025)

  • CII Intellectual Property Valuation Statement and Forecast (2021-2025)

  • CII Land and Real Property Valuation Statement and Forecast (2021-2025)

  • CII Goodwill Valuation Statement and Forecast (2021-2025)